sebastian neumann

Not yet finished

“Not yet finished” is a selection of nine photographs from a series of pictures I took while I was travelling New Zealands North Island. I focused on capturing a moment of everday routine in the midst of the everchanging visual abundance of unfamiliar landscapes and foreign culture to create a conceptual tool of temporal stability. And still: The mundane subject of the series provokes curiosity through its detailed and colourful photographic representation.

Working with media like photo and video my interest is to show the often unnoticable subtleties of life and to reveal social mechanisms. I like to encourage viewers to take a different perspective on the small things and to appreciate the world with its incredible complexity made out of it.

In July of 2015 this project was part of a group exhibtion called “Moments/Places/Times/Spaces” at Matchbox Studios in Wellington, New Zealand.

not-yet-finished-1 not-yet-finished-2 not-yet-finished-3 not-yet-finished-4 not-yet-finished-5