sebastian neumann



Imagine how life would be for somebody who slowly loses control over his body and his memories. This feeling strongly resonated with experiences I had with the illness dementia while working in an aged home earlier in my life.

Widower Hans lives alone in his old summer house, only fading memories of a distant past keep him alive. In anticipation of his death, time passes painfully slow, disturbed only by the visits of his nurse.

“Aussenposten” was my contribution to an university project by internationally renowned video-artist Julian Rosefeldt called “Limits of Control”.  The film was shot on one day, edited the next.

length 13 min format 16:9 (HD) dialogue german cast zoe hutmacher, hans-joachim neumann dop walter oppel music source (live radio) me writer, director, editor, sound-designer

aussenposten_still_03 aussenposten_still_02 aussenposten_still_01