sebastian neumann



Peter is responsible for the shopping mall security, a boring job he isn’t enjoying at all. When Anna starts working at a clothes store they instantly like each other. They begin a special relationship: Being apart the whole day, they find a way connecting with each other without being in the same room. All of the sudden Peter has a smile on his face when coming to work. But soon their friendship is to be challenged by an envious colleague of Peter.

“Fernbeziehung” was filmed in 5 days, after months of writing and planning. Every detail was made out beforehand, professional actors were cast and an amazing and talented technical crew was brought together. The result was edited and music from a composer made it perfect.

length 17 min format 16:9 (HD) dialogue german cast zoe hutmacher, dietmar obst, philipp engelhardt, kerstin dathe dop walter oppel music stefan klemm editor edward scherer me writer, director, producer

fernbeziehung_still_03 fernbeziehung_still_02 fernbeziehung_still_01